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Shanghai Worth Garden factory produces most of our products, including cutting tools, hand tools, garden hoses, nozzles, sprayers and others. This garden hose workshop has over 20 garden hose production lines, producing various standards of garden hose every day. You can always find a solution for your garden watering work from our 2 stars to 5 stars garden hoses that fits your needs perfectly. All garden hoses are made of 3 basic layers, that is, inner core, nylon layer and outer layer. But some high quality hoses, can have up to 6 layers, to withstand from 12 Bars to 30 Bars high bursting pressure. During production, pressure testing ensure all garden hoses under good quality control. Once produced, all the garden hoses will be automaticly cut according to the exact length of our customer's demand. Our workers will handle hoses packaging by our strict working process: firstly, winding process,then, tie up with sellotape,then, individual packaging,and finally, encasement. Worth cutting tools are based on first-class materials and high quality technology,all made by workers with professionalism. Even harder and better as you can imagine. Our precised grinding process produces cutting blades for easy cutting. Our 3000tons injection machine produces large-scale plastic parts of composters and garden accessories. Now we proudly introduce you the high efficient assembly lines, which are able to increase our output at a 40% level. Each worker will assemble products step by step according to production process menu, and all products must inspected strictly during production line. Every our products has a laser marking of WORTH LOGO and a note of blade material they are made of. Cause we are proud of every product we manufactured, and regard it as a mixture of our devotion, faith and real value. We believe that: a product is a representation of a whole enterprise.

Welcome to Shanghai Worth Garden Co.,Ltd Worth, a public company in China, has various of garden products. Our showroom is designed as a real store with thousands of WORTH brand products. Being here you can see how the products displayed in the store. Products are showing by different categories and you will have good shopping experience here as a real customer. This area, mainly display our garden hand tools, from a variety of hand tools to digging tools. We supply different styles of hedge shears according to your demands. It's made of quality alloy tool steel blade with non-stick coating. We use strong aluminium handles for endurability and modern looking with 5 languages packaging 5-teeth rake with telescopic handle for long reach, you won't hurt your back when working Our hand tools in conformity with the usage habits according to different requirements of the market and meanwhile using different materials to meet consumers' different demands. We have a series of professional garden irrigation products with classical syles and superior quality. Our watering connectors are long-lasting and of reliable quality. Worth garden hose with no lead material, anti UV, anti fold, anti twist. We pay more attention to high-quality materials and precise manufacturing processes with respect to the manufacture of spray guns,in order to guarantee leak tightness, safety and comfortable products. Try worth, you may find great solutions for all garden watering work. Worth provides classic, reliable quality solar light products to you. Gardening is a fascinating hobby for children because they can start growing and knowing lots of plants to stay close to nature. Worth lawn mowers offer you more options including self-propelled, individual height adjustment, variable speed control and mulching ability. Our heavy duty aluminum deck and renowned high end brand engine provides you a high level performance. Worth has a wide range of flowerpots for plants that will make your garden more vivid. You can also grow your own fruits and vegetables. Kinds of propagation ware, biodegradable fiber pots help growing healthy plants. Garden accessories lend a helping hand in your garden,keep things neat and tidy. Composting is an important easy way to recycle your yard, it produces a valuable soil amendment for use in gardening and landscaping. Worth landscaping collections, each with its own distinctive style and finish, you could use arch or obelisk to subarea your garden and compelete the different looking with planters. Garden decorations enhance and bring beauty to your garden. "Try Worth, be worthy", Let's join together to build a new green world.

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